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We all know what time it is getting to be, yes that is right you guessed it exam time! This can be a very stressful time for some people. For others this is a nice relaxing time because there are no classes and you are not the type of person to worry about exams because you are a very good studier.  I thought it would be useful to find some good studying tips and to share them with everyone. I found a site that lists 11 tips to improve studying results called

Here they are:

1. “Study in Short, Frequent sessions”(soundfeelings)

People tend not to be able to focus for large amounts of time. So it is better to study in small sections like 10 minutes then take a break and study again. According to the article on sound feelings website “the brain needs recovery and recharging time for “protein synthesis.” The rest periods are when your brain assimilates your effort. They are a powerful tool which many teachers do not acknowledge”.  It is not very useful studying for a couple hours straight, this is distracting and you really don’t retain as much information.

2.”Take Guilt Free Days of Rest”(soundfeelings)

According to the article taking a day off studying allows your brain to rest and rejuvenate for next time you study.

3.”Honor your emotional state”(soundfeelings)

Study when you are relaxed and not stressed out this allows your brain to process the information easier.

4.”Review The Same Day”(soundfeelings)

When you are studying and you memorize new information make sure to look over that information again later in the day so that you do not forget it.

5.”Observe The Natural Learning Sequence”(soundfeelings)

According to the sound feelings website it is better to get an idea of the overarching concept you are studying then to fill in the details afterwards because this will lead to success.

6.”Use Exaggeration”(soundfeelings)

If you are learning a language or working on spelling exaggerate the sounds of the words so that when you get to writing that test spelling all of the words is easier.

7.”Prepare Your Study Environment”(soundfeelings)

Figure out where the best place for you is to study. Make yourself as comfortable as you can with snacks lighting and so on. In my first year I studied in the library and it was far to quiet I always fell asleep. Now I always study in my room and if I start to fall asleep I turn on the radio or take a break.

8.”Respect Brain Fade”(soundfeelings)

When you are studying it is easy to forget things you have already gone over. Always make sure to do quick overviews over all of the material you have covered so that you have a better chance at remembering it.

9.”Create a Study Routine”(soundfeelings)

This is something I must try. Plan out a time each day that you are going to study. Write it down in your planner and do it. Usually if you don’t do this you tend to over procrastinate like me and not get in enough study time.

10.”Set Reasonable Goals”(soundfeelings)

Do your studying in steps, break it into sections instead of trying to cram all of the information into your head at once.

11.”Avoid The Frustration Enemy”(soundfeelings)

Don’t stress yourself out. Take your time with studying and know that you are doing your best and that is all you can do. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help sometimes there are quick fixes to your problems. Study groups can also be great ways to study for finals.

Any way I hope you found some of these tips to be useful, and I wish you all luck with your finals. Remember not to get stressed out and just to take your time! Below I have posted a funny video about over studying, check it out!!


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  1. 1

    katherinemoore said,

    THOSE ARE REALLY GOOD TIPS!!! Thanks for sharing them! I know that I’m going to apply some of those tips to the way I study.

  2. 2

    Heather said,

    I realized that when I study I break some of the rules, for example the study in short one. If I took frequent breaks when I study I would never get back to the books. I find I work best when I zone in on my material.

    My favorite one is the study envionment. This is so important for concentration. I have to have pure silence with the clocks ticking, and the hum of the tv on mute in order to study. Otherwise I get distracted so easily.

    Hopefully these tips will help students ace their exams this semester.

  3. 3

    jessicafulcher said,

    Thanks for posting the studying tips…they should be quite helpful…I always hate studying for final exams so I will take these tips into consideration.

    Jessica F.

  4. 4

    swan200t said,

    I am glad you enjoyed my tips. Oh and Heather I agree with you sometimes doing short and frequent studying is tough. It is best to use what works for you and stick to it, from there it is clear sailing 🙂

  5. 5

    sarinapaluck said,

    hey tera…
    These tips are really good, they seem to look at all aspects of studying. I especailly like the guilt free days of rest one. Lots of people tend to avoide these days because they have so much pressure and stress with all of the exams that they have to write, but if studing is done how you sugested it everyone would have time for those days!…good job and thanks for the tips

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